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short transgender story

we explain gender and what it means to be transgender
meet Kayla her friend
Adam recently came out as transgender
but she’s unsure what that means Adam
happy to explain lets her know that
first she must recognize the difference
between gender and sex in order to
comprehend what it means to be
transgender kayla is confused because
she thought gender and sex were the same
thing but Adam informs her that they are
very just sex is what everyone is
biologically born as male female or in
some cases intersex in contrast gender
which is separate from sexual
orientation is how we express
masculinity and femininity think of a
linear scale with femininity on one side
and masculinity on the other instead of
emoting one or the other based on sex
people can move throughout the gender
scale freely and express various degrees
of both at will despite their biological
Anatomy since Kayla’s sex and gender
identity match she is considered
cisgender however transgender people
have a gender identity that doesn’t
match their assigned sex at birth in
Adams case he identifies as a trans man
even though his assigned sex was female
excited to learn more Hello wonders is
transgender a third gender know Adam
reveals that it is an umbrella term that
can be used for someone who identifies
with the opposite sex such as Adam or it
can refer to other various genders that
aren’t exclusively masculine or feminine
it includes by gender people who
identify with two genders and gender
people who identify with all genders
and even a gender people who are
genderless ultimately people can choose
from many terms and definitions they
think represents their gender identity
and also matches their self-expression
with so many different genders kala is
uncertain what pronouns she should use
Adam clarifies that it depends on each
person’s preference if unsure there is
nothing wrong with a stream still
curious Kayla wants to know do all
transgender people automatically get
hormone therapy and gender reassignment
Adam explains that being transgender
does not rely on a physical change it’s
about identifying and expressing oneself
based on how they feel if they do seek
medical assistance to transition then
they would be called transsexual
additionally Adam tells Kaela but he
wants to educate the public about what
it means to be transgender in order to
fight the consistent discrimination they
face transgender people have come a long
way on the path to acceptance however
they still have a difficult journey
ahead they must find the strength and
confidence to embrace who they are
welcome batting social stigma that can
even influence friends and family Haven
now understands that being transgender
doesn’t follow the current status quo
but that’s okay
she plans to educate her friends and
family to help spread awareness

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