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Tenga masturbation sleeve Double Hole Cup by Cool Male SexToys

Tenga masturbaton sleeve Double Hole Cup by CoolMaleSexToy

Features of Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator

This product has been engineered to be ultimate male masturbator!

It is protected by satisfaction guaranteed policy by Adam and Eve

It comes with three lube samples

You can yourself find out why men in Japan cannot place down this latest revolutionary

masturbator which finally is now available in United States!

• It is lined amazingly with complex patterns of pleasure ribs, ticklers, and bumps.

• It comes with three pressure points that will allow users to adjust stimulation and

tightness level

• Its first pressure point will simulate anal sex

• Its second pressure point will make complete masturbator feel tight incredibly

• The 3rd pressure point will stimulate the tip for super-charged orgasm

• It creates sucking sensation that is like blowjob

• Male masturbator will open for adding lube as well as for simple cleaning

• It comes with top that is removable for locking masturbator in position for simple


• It is longer than average and even bigger for guys to swallow

• It is made using highly durable and soft TPR that is a material same as silicone

• It is manufactured in Japan by a company called Tenga that is popular for its high-
quality sex toys for males

• It comes with three lube samples in addition to instructional booklet

It has great design and balancing function due to which Tenga Flip hole appears nothing

similar to typical male masturbator of yours. The fact is that it appears like high-quality

speaker till one slide is top-off for revealing the hottest masturbator available in market.

Its opening is larger as compared to maximum masturbators with rugged designing that

stands above even strenuous usage. There are other male masturbators available in market

that start tearing near the opening when used repeatedly but Tenga Flip Hole would continue

looking great as well as provides newer feel each time.

Its inside has been lined using elaborate stimulators pattern engineered especially for

pleasing. You will find pleasure nubs that have been covered using wavy designs, huge

ribbed ticklers, and lots more. At its end, there is even much larger sphere covered using soft

pleasure on inside that will hug the sensitive tip of yours. Every half of this masturbator has

been lined using completely different pattern hence one can spin it around on their shaft for

entirely different feel.

It comes with 3 pressure points on side of masturbator- marked with white circles and allows

users to adjust tightness of masturbator as well as control stimulation so as to charge them.

When first point is squeezed it recreates anal sex feeling especially the tight feel when it first

slides in. With second point, complete masturbator will feel tighter and it gives first-time

special feeling. With the third point, stimulation increases to sensitive tip of yours thereby

making users cum even faster and harder than usual.

When one starts pulling it out, even the masturbator would create gentle sucking sensation

feel that is just like blowjob for increased pleasure.

Tenga masturbator comes hinged at base such that one can open it. It allows users to lube up

each inch of masturbator for the perfect silky smooth feeling with none of those dry spots

one runs into with regular masturbator. It has removable top slides present over its base for

locking masturbator in place for simplicity of use. Once individuals are done, they can just

slip this Tenga Masturbator back open to do incredibly thorough cleaning of it. Simply prop

this open on removable top for thorough drying for keeping this sex toy of yours new.

This male masturbator’s dimensions include 3 inches width and seven inches long. This

is made using TRP that is a material same as silicone and is flexible as well as soft for

comfortable experience in addition to being sufficiently durable for standing up even when

used hard used. Similar to silicone, TPR as well is latex free and hypoallergenic.

This Flip Hole Masturbator has been manufactured by Tenga in Japan and this company is

leading manufacturers of sex toys in Japan. Tenga has earned their impressive reputation with

the help of wide ranges of sex toys for males as well as its high-quality innovative products.

It is recommended by Adam and Eve to use Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator for males at home,

on road, or anywhere for masturbation as well as for the couples for foreplay.

This Tenga masturbator works perfectly with water-based sex tube by Adam and Eve. One

your climax is done, this masturbator can be opened up as well as thoroughly washed using

warm soapy solution and it should be sprayed down using Adam and Eve cleaner for sex

toys. This will assist you in saving cleaning time by wearing condom when you are utilizing

sex toys. This male masturbator should be allowed to dry completely prior to storing Tenga

stroker with other sex toy collection of yours.

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