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Tenga Egg Twister masturbator Cool Male Sex Toy

Tenga Egg Twister masturbator CoolMaleSexToy

Six disposable masturbators that will keep individuals busy!

Every stroker features stimulator design that is unique.

It includes free lube samples!

Among the most popular masturbators available in Japan, Tenga Egg is portable, discreet,

and sure to offer satisfaction!

• Every egg features unique simulator that is designed for offering variety

• Discreet and small shape massages tip as well as stretches for fitting your shaft

• Designed using stretchy and soft jelly

• Every egg includes pillow packed with sex lube that is water-based

• This discreet masturbator is travel friendly- use it as well as toss it

• The stimulator measures 2.25 inches in length and 2 inches in width

• Designed by renowned Tenga that is a Japanese sex toy manufacturer

All six will feature special stimulator designs of their own. Its Wavy has horizontal ribs

and the Twister will be covered in the vertical ribs. Random whirls patterns are featured by

Silky and Spider will have unique web-like patterns. Its clicker has been covered using small

pleasure nubs and its Stepper comes with semi circles that are notched out.

Simply choose one as well as crack it open. Its egg includes pillow pack of lubes inside as

well as special plastic will insert to assist in maintaining its shape. You simply require pulling

out its plastic insert thereafter adding the lube and it is ready for use.

Tenga Egg is available in small size and this makes it best for stimulating tip of the pole.

This masturbator will slide around the head just like a hat thereby allowing users to rub and

twist away as your sensitive tip is driven by stimulators. As this Tenga masturbator has been

designed using stretchy and soft jelly, one can even pull this masturbator down their shaft for

increased stimulation.

As these masturbators are designed as disposable items, these are best for males on the go-

irrespective of whether they are deployed overseas or on business trip. They will get six

varying masturbators which mean they have many options for keeping them busy!

The size of this Tenga Egg Masturbator is 2.25 inches in length and 2 inches in width.

Though this is small when compared to other masturbators, they can be stretched easily for

handling penis of any size. As they are small in size it becomes easy to hide them or dispose

them so as to avoid any sort of embarrassing situations.

Both Adam and Eve suggest that this Tenga Egg 6 package is for males who require

something easy and simple to use while on deployment or when travelling.

Every egg masturbator will include a pillow pack containing sex lube that is water-based.

This is a disposable masturbator hence you don’t require worrying about cleaning. It can be

rinsed out easily and can be used more than once in case one desires.

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