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Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Male Masturbator, Pink Lady

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Male Masturbator, Pink Lady

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Male Masturbator

This Stamina Training Unit Fleshlight was developed so as to enhance sexual prowess

via training of ability for controlling ejaculation speed. This Stamina Training Unit comes

with canal diameter that is 12 to 15 mm and thus is relatively light. Its inner surface has

been covered by several large-sized bumps protruding deep into canal. These bumps have

been positioned pretty close to each other thereby forming highly dense texture which runs

throughout canal. Stamina Training Unit Insert will be available only in combination with

Fleshjack Endurance Jack Ass and Fleshlight Pink Lady orifices.

Its highly dense bump texture will apply intense stimulation remarkably on penis. Moreover,

bumps will work as if several little fingertips are pressing, massaging, and caring the shaft,

rim, and head of penis from all the sides thereby creating overwhelming stimulation feeling.

Similarly, your penis will be closely grabbed by long-stemmed bumps such that it literally

requires fighting all its way through dense forest of bumps. All this is topped off with

accompaniment of strong suctioning effect that reinforces that fantastic stimulation.

Such sort of intense stimulation will lead users to continuous movement inside their canal for

powerful orgasm within minutes. For delaying orgasm, one inevitably requires taking short

breaks or change stroking speed. This exactly is the skill that one can enhance by practicing

with Stamina Training Unit as control over one’s own personal stimulation and sexual

arousal threshold is the key for enhancing their sexual stamina. When used regularly, one

would instantly notice results and they’ll learn how their body reacts as well as how much

stimulation can they bear at a particular time. Those who are capable of masturbating using

stamina training unit for longer time will have intense stimulation control over their personal

ejaculation timing. They will not face any issues with premature ejaculation at the time of

actual sex and they’ll be able to satisfy almost every woman.

Cleaning densely positioned bumps will be somewhat time-consuming as sperm and lube

residue can collect between them. For thorough cleaning of inner canal one must turn the

inserted side out during cleanup. Its drying time will be somewhat longer than average but

this can be cut short when you wipe inner canal using paper towels.


In all, this Stamina training Unit offers one of the most intensified stimulating effects

among all Fleshlights and hence is an ideal device for sexual prowess training. When used

regularly, premature orgasms will become a past thing. This Stamina Training fleshlight has

been recommended for even circumcised men who are having less sensitive penis head as

compared to that of the uncut men due to increased intensity.

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