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Belladonna Pocket Stroker

Pocket Stroker Features of Belladonna

Belladonna requires you stiffy!

USA made!

Have you ever thought what it will be like boning to me? Now you have the right to screw

me in the nastiest possible way! Pull open puffy lips of mine as well as sink your pole right

into this exact replica of hot box of mine. They have moulded this right from my body hence

it will feel just like one is buried inside me deep! This six inches stroker has been designed

with UR3 skin that is life-like. For cleaning purpose it comes with open ends.

• Open-ended for simpler cleaning

• Simple grip

• Chambered inner walls so as to maximum pleasure

• Some with Sil-A-Gel antibacterial addictive that help in keeping Belladonna clean

and fresh

• Made using life-like UR3 material so as to provide real feeling

• Compact size that is great for travelling

• Exact pocket stroker replica moulded from Belladonna directly

• 2.5 inches wide and 6 inches long stroker

This XXX star kinkiest is always ready for getting down with our no matter at what time

you want! Belladonna has been directly moulded from love box of hers wherein every

single texture and fold has been recreated in ultra-realistic UR3 skin material hence you will

experience just like you are with her right there when you’ll rub clit and part of soft lips of

hers with your shaft!

Chambered inner walls will caress pole of yours as you are stroking home. You can add

favourite Adam and Eve lube of yours and you will be thrilled at each slick inch of this

extremely tight pocket stroker. Its easy-grip ribbed exterior will provide superior handle on

sweet stroker as well as its open end will allow you to easily clean it. This particular stroker

has been made using Sil-A-Gel antibacterial addictive helping in keeping this pocket stroker

of yours fresh and clean for longer time.

Now you can complete favourite Belladonna fantasy of yours with her latest XXX DVD as

well as hot pocket stroker of hers.

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